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If you’re like me, then you are always losing guitar picks. I sometimes have to use coins when I can’t find a pick. It never occurred to me to make my own guitar picks, until I stumbled upon this article at WikiHow that shows how to make your own guitar picks from old ID and credit cards. It’s incredibly simple. All you need is a marker, a scissors or knife, an emery board, some plastic cards and a guitar pick to trace. That’s it; here are the steps from WikiHow: 250px-plectrumproject.JPG
  • Find a source of plastic that you desire to recycle into a useful object.
  • Using a permanent marker, trace the outline of an existing guitar pick onto the plastic.
  • Using quality scissors or a sharp craft knife, cut out the shape of the guitar pick.
  • Using an emery board or a small scrap of fine sandpaper, smooth the edges of the pick.

Be sure to check out the WikiHow article for more suggestions and tips, along with photos for each step.

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